Testimonial: Pack Tech Moulding, Rolleston

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Pack Tech Mouldings is located in the Izone Business Hub in Rolleston. They manufacture food-grade plastics and packaging in their custom- built plant on Link Drive. Managing Director, Chris Williams, has been working with Alex and Business IT Solutions for eight years.

“When we first started with Alex, he was providing basic IT support. As IT’s evolved, we obviously needed to evolve as well, especially being in manufacturing.

“We just said hey, we need this service, and next thing we know, they’re providing support in all these other areas as well. They keep our phones and email going. They manage everything and do all the admin. Day-to-day they’re all on it. This week they’ve been in here two days because they’re integrating new hardware and setting up new users.”

From early on, Business IT Solutions have been providing Pack Tech with software development in addition to providing basic IT support.

“In terms of developing various pieces of software for us, we started them out doing timekeeping software. That was us testing them, and they did that very well.

“They’ve done a whole lot of development for us recently. As we’ve had to improve productivity as a manufacturer, we had to use technology. And some of those things you can buy off the shelf, but a whole lot of stuff you can’t.

“They’ve developed systems to capture all our critical information for our operations. Every product that we make for our customers has a whole lot of information – from how to set up the machine, to what the customer wants. Business IT Solutions built a system that we call an Operations Database that captures all of that.

“Then we have another system that’s an off the shelf product that’s built specifically for manufacturing that we integrate with the Operations Database. We put jobs into the system which then pulls out all the customer-specific information and pulls it through and integrates with our planning software.

“We rely on them a whole lot. They know what we’re doing, they know what we’re about and they know the typical customers that we’re dealing with. They’re popping solutions in our inbox all the time. They’re extremely proactive. They’re always really keen to fix problems. They know that problems are pain so they do all that they can do to fix it.”